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A partner you can trust, results you can rely on.

Azurite delivers the research partnership your business needs to make critical decisions.


Quality decision making starts with quality data

That’s why Azurite recruits every survey respondent from scratch for every study. Our precise targeting allows you to measure every corner of your market to answer your most critical questions.

Market Interviews

Turn subjective opinions into actionable business intelligence

Drive deeper insights through one-on-one conversations with experts and decision makers. Azurite vets each respondent to meet your qualifications and structures discussions to deliver powerful insight.

Strategic Insights

Focus on the insight which will move the dial

Our team of ex-McKinsey, Bain & BCG consultants and experts unpack your research to focus on the insight which will move the dial, delivering executive-level materials ready for your board, investment committee or steerco.

Business Applications

We answer your most critical questions with data allowing you to make decisions with conviction.

We execute every step in the research process in-house



We find your target persona in significant volumes, no matter how niche or hard-to-reach



We develop the precise research methodology to answer your most critical questions



We recruit everyone from scratch using proprietary machine learning technology



We rigorously review every response to ensure you get the highest quality data



We deliver analysis to drive your decision-making with confidence and conviction

fresh ideas

Fresh perspectives

Respondents are always unique, not recycled from study to study and never sourced from panels or expert networks


Targeted respondents

We rapidly find exactly who you want to hear from, no matter how specialized


Trustworthy data

We manage every step of the research process in-house


Unparalleled Volume

We collect quality data from thousands of targeted B2B and niche B2C respondents


Limitless Reach

Our machine learning recruitment technology enables us to tap respondents from every corner of the market

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