Eli Diament

Managing Director

Eli Diament is the founder and Managing Director of Azurite Consulting. Eli founded Azurite in 2017 with the goal of revolutionizing the world of primary research by innovating a new approach to produce better, higher-quality data for clients. Under Eli’s leadership, Azurite is the only B2B research provider that manages every step in the research process–and recruits every respondent set from scratch.

Prior to founding Azurite, Eli was at McKinsey & Company for six years, focusing on Strategy, Operations and Sustainability. Previous to that, Eli was at Oliver Wyman, focusing on front-office and back-office operations for B2B and B2C clients. He holds a Master of Engineering Management from Tuck / Thayer School of Engineering, a Bachelor’s of Environmental Engineering from Thayer and a BA degree in both Environmental Engineering and Environmental Earth Sciences from Dartmouth College.